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Final Expense Insurance/Planning

Renee Merckx, CLTC

Owner, Michigan Long Term Care Insurance, LLC
Executive Director,
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If you ever had a loved one pass away, you will know that it can be a very overwhelming experience. During this emotional and grievous time, there are an estimate of 87 decisions that need to be made in order to fulfill your loved ones wishes on their passing. Those who are grieving often overspend if they don't have a plan, and it is important to have that proper plan in place in making sure that the CASH you need is there when you need it the MOST!

As an Independent Agent, I have the ability to offer you and your family that option to design this plan!

However, this planning is all based on your age and health!

The healthier you are and the younger you are, the cheaper your rates will be. Don't make the mistake of leaving your family forced to putting a "Donation's Accepted" bucket at your funeral.

Call now to put your "Proper Plan" in place!

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