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Identity Theft

What is Identity Theft?

As the computer arena gets more sophisticated it will not surprise you to know that having your Identity stolen has become a daily event for some!

The sophistication for stealing your bank cards is just a matter of walking past you, with a magnetic decoder, even if your card is tucked away in your wallet buried away in all of the junk in a purse, the thief can still collect the proper information, they make a new card only requiring your magnetic strip and the shopping begins! Until you realize your account could possibly have been drained your next problem is did you make sure you have the proper "refund" coverage on this account to get reimbursed?

There are numerous types of schemes being done, by these clever thieves’ that the best way to protect your future as to who you really are, and to not have someone say you are REALLY YOU is to have an Identity Theft specialist protect you!

For more information, contact Renee Merckx at (734) 658-4317

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For more information,
contact Renee Merckx, Executive Director
at (734) 658-4317

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